The verdict is in: EOS-M is terribly SLOW.

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Marco Nero
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The EOS-M Quandary...

I don't know how important the reviewer's opinions are on the matter just yet.  He might be absolutely right but he's also from a website that routinely "downs" a product simply because "everyone else makes their product perform 0.5 seconds faster".

If he's right (and early tests with prototype EOS-M cameras were less than stellar) then the camera will generate so much negative publicity that Canon executives will hang their heads in shame with several being forced to either walk the plank or resign.  They have a lot riding on the EOS-M camera.  I don't doubt that they'll be releasing that full-dialed Pro-Model said to be under the counter but they'll need to impress the public with the EOS-M first.

Personally, after so many years waiting for Canon to release (or indeed announce) a mirrorless compact, I thought it was disappointing to see that they did so by releasing a "touch screen" version.  I am involved in the production of a completely non-related consumer based electronic device and we've recently made a transition from an Analogue device (with physical dials and switches) to a Digital version which employs no dials or switches at all... just an LCD display with pressure sensitive buttons in a single, removable pad which has a motherboard beneath it.  Why?  Because it's far cheaper to make, has less moving parts, is cheaper to repair and has less repair requirements. So Canon are doing the same and they're going to be raking in a lot of money when this new camera goes mainstream because it's overpriced  for what it is and for what it costs to manufacture.  Their shareholders should be thrilled.

Is it going to be worth it?  Yes.  Because it's going to offer excellent image quality with a very accurate auto focus.  The only downside is the touchscreen and the slightly slower than desirable Autofocus speed.  If this means half a second slower than the competition, you'll hear nothing but endless complaints about it.  The pictures I have seen from this camera using the standard M-lenses so far are OUTSTANDING.  But the benefit of the EOS-M is that it is a rudimentary camera... designed simply to handle the existing lenses from the Canon series and be used as a Backup camera ... or to be used as a stand-alone camera for those not wanting to invest in a DSLR.

DSLRs are dinosaurs in the modern world.  They are used, arguably, simply because they give professional results.  They are the results of many generations of refined design and they are the portable alternative to medium frame cameras (which is why DSLRs were invented in the first place).  If you want the speed of a DSLR, buy a DSLR.  If the EOS-M is "dog slow", then Canon will suffer greatly as a result.  One website said "The camera will also feature a touch screen and hybrid AF just like the Nikon V1 which should make this a speed demon in the AF arena" in reference to the EOS-M.

Did Canon screw up? Or was the OP's reviewer simply over reacting to a typical or average AF ?  Does the 'M' in EOS-M stand for "Molasses"?

Sure, there's plenty of mirror-less alternatives on the market.  But how many can I stick my L-lenses on?

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