Beginner/Hobbyist - D800 a good move?

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Re: Beginner/Hobbyist - D800 a good move?

I think it is a good initial investment!  You admitted to being a noob, and that is where I come in!  I will train you with your new D800! You will have to pay for my airfare and accommodations to come to where you live. I charge $300 a day and I figure that 6 days should get you out of the gate! Since you're making a serious financial investment in your photography career- you should go the extra mile and get quality training.  You should go ahead and pick up a few more lenses before I arrive: Get a 20mm, 50mm, 85mm 1.4; snag the 70-200 and a 300mm 2.8. Also, you might consider a 150mm macro.

It is not important right away, but you might add a vertical grip. Because you want the highest quality, don't waste your time or $ with that Chinese crap: get the real deal with a MB-D12. Yeah, it costs $400, but you want to match quality with quality.  As a service I can bring a new one with me and I'll only charge a 15% markup. This will save you the time and hassle of hunting for one yourself.

The D800 requires perfect technique which you will read about often on this forum.  You really need to stabilize this camera to get those tack sharp images!  Once again, I will be happy to get you Really Right Stuff tripod.  The good thing is that my rate on this is only a 12% mark-up when you get this through my professional service.

For a small investment and 7 solid days- you will come out the other side a professional!

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