The verdict is in: EOS-M is terribly SLOW.

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Re: The difference...

Where's the flash shoe?

I plan to buy an EOS M sometime soon, with the 22mm lens and the adapter kit.  I like the fact that no electronic flash is built into the camera body, as the flash system will shorten the useful life of a camera, eventually, as the photoflash capacitor ages, and leaks more current (whether you use the flash or not).

I inherited a large collection of EOS glass that I would like to get some use out of.  I have the EOS Rebel basic camera, which I bought to get some use out of the inherited glass, but I never liked the camera.  The pentaprism view didn't cover the image frame well, and I need to see the whole frame.  I also found that the pentaprism focus wasn't very useful, as the area of focus is larger than the actual depth of field in the image.

I also noticed that when the autofocus wasn't able to lock on to something in the image frame, that I couldn't take a picture without first switching off the autofocus.  this seemed more trouble than it was worth, so I never used the camera.

Slow autofocus doesn't trouble me much, and the absence of a pentaprism sounds good to me.

What I'm really hoping for is a short shutter lag.  I have a Sony NEX F3, and the shutter lag is just a bit longer than I am comfortable with.  Good copy stand camera...

Maybe Canon will bring out a NEW NEW F1.  Now, there's a camera I would buy in a cold minute.

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