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Re: Market and brand name

I have heard read several times, here and elsewhere, something like "to switch camera brands of a couple hundred dollars is fickle," indicating such people aren't to be taken seriously.  But let's contextualize this.

I own an a850, and several Zeiss lenses.  I am fairly invested in Sony. I do not shoot a second system right now, but I have considered switching for the last year. However, I have been patient, wanting to see when Sony would update the 70-200g, 35 1.4, 50 1.4, and bring the many new additions they need to fill the lens line up.  Also, I wanted to see what FF options they would roll out for a-mount shooters.  I also waited to see how they treated the a77, and how people ultimatly felt about that camera a year or so after release. The release of the D600/6D is a tipping point for some people, like me.  Here's how the last year rolled out for Sony, culminating in Photokina:

- Sony a99: people are talking about dropping the camera price before it even hits the market. Ouch. It offers no new features compared to the a77, except a larger sensor. Sony has emphasized video, not still photography. The SLT is not loved by many serious shooters. Nikon and Canon overshadow with three ILC FF bodies each as Sony anounces the a99 a year after the party started.

-the d600 will have better IQ for less. The D800 beats the IQ for about the same price. And the Nikon ecosystem demolishes Sony's.

-I have read some preliminary comments, but it seems that Sony has released another subpar jpg camera. I shoot raw for everything serious, but man, once again, FUJI, CANON and NIKON all have high quality jpg.

- the RX1--a compact fixed lens FF for 2.8k.  Exciting, novel and interesting. Practical? Not for many shooters. But it's a perfect Sony move--no lenses needed, just release another body, very high tech. It does nothing to satisfy people who have bought into Sony. Trying to throw out new bodies, snag new customers.

- some new NEX cameras (another reiteration...) and overdue lenses...having said that, I am happy for NEX users to have some AF proprietary lenses. Let's just hope Sony made these ones worthwhile, unlike some other NEX lenses.

- Horrible lens maitenance. What new was announced for a mount? What refreshes were anounced? A protoype of a 50 1.4 with no definitive release date or price? Embarrassing. Nikon, Canon, Fuji and m4/3 continue to steady incease lens selection.

- I keep reading a77 users yearning for FW updates...

And I know, some of you will say "get out of here, go to Nikon then!" but that's really not the point. I am not a troll. I am a Sony shooter who has waited a long while and finds the most recent market activity, especially with FF, sorely discouraging. Many serious shooters are flocking away from Sony because Sony isn't really supporting us. I want to stay with Sony. I love my CZ 85 1.4, 24-70. I can practically swim in the vf of my a850, the color character and skin tones are wonderful, and it's a purist camera. But Sony is really taking themselves out of the game with a-mount. I realize maybe they are shooting for mirrorless now, abandoning the smaller, less profitable, entrenched FF market. A full frame nex would be great, especially if it's amount, but then we have the lens issues again, lack of FW support, bogus JPGs, video emphasis, etc.

Lastly, I think to view the Sony a99 by it's features and states the $2.8k mark is fine is really a decontextualization of a larger issue.  Just cause you get a similiarly featured body from Sony (SLT aside), you don't get the same capabilities/support because you are in the Sony system.  The body is worth less because Sony doesn't support.  I think the market will show that pretty clearly within a year.

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