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Re: how to make and use an ICC

>Hugowolf wrote:

>RetiredInFlorida wrote:

>ukkisavosta wrote:

>>But isn't the act of making ICC profiles (to match color between different devices) just that: color management?

>no, an icc is to adjust the ink to the paper you use to a printer.

>ex. notice he made an icc for ONLY the printer he was using. if he uses different printers to print the same image he would need to make other icc's.
its not color management. its ink to paper on what printer management.

- Well that is a bunch of baloney, to put it mildly.

really!  'different' devices!

- First, it isn't an ICC, that would be the International Colour Consortium. It is an ICC profile. And creating a printer/paper profile is part of color management.

yes, 'part of color management'.
but you left out the INK.
what his video was pointing out was ALSO the different inks needs to be matched up with paper and printer. which is a huge part of making an icc. So, it adjusts the INK to a PAPER to a PRINTER. it didn't: match color management across 'different' devices. which is what i was speaking too. i was trying to point out the icc is a targeted ink to paper to printer adjustment. so yes it does help in color management. what it does not do is - match color between 'different' devices.

the video points out you can use any software with that icc to print on the same printer and get the same colors.

- Yes, for each printer model and ink set you would need to create a profile for each paper, and that is color management too. So is monitor calibration.

ok, here is where you picked up on - 'different' devices.

AND you need a Custom Proof with that made icc when editing. even then most people can't print a blue sky.

typing what's on my mind doesn't always mean people are going to read it the way i want them too.

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