Gear lust: a retrospective

Started Sep 22, 2012 | Discussions thread
Marques Lamont Contributing Member • Posts: 561
Re: Gear lust: a retrospective

Gear lust happens on all levels. Nowadays, there are tons of reviews on the internet and tons of new products every month to keep it going.

Some new gear is healthy, others not so healthy.

Many times, gear lust is driven by not buying the right equipment the first time. Prime example, a couple of years ago, I went with Alienbees lights, which seemed like a good deal. Actually, it is. They're good lights.  But after a while, I went with Profoto because some of the niggles with those Alienbee lights. I was using Alienbees wanting something else. Profoto was the type of performance I wanted, but Alienbees was what I had. So I had to upgrade. I guess you can call it gear lust or performance lust.

But now, I have all the lighting gear I'll ever need. Profoto actually simplified everything.

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