Cropping to 1:1 image ratio

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Re: We're running right back...

apaflo wrote:

ARShutterbug wrote:

Here we go again.

My advice hasn't changed. The best option is to use the native aspect ratio. You're throwing away pixels if you don't, unless you're working with RAW files, in which case your RAW converter does the square crop for you.

The native aspect ratio is indeed a property of the physical shape of the format being used, whether it's a camera sensor or a movie screen. If you have a 35-mm sensor, and you tell the camera to return a JPEG file of a square aspect ratio, the camera will throw away pixels to do that. This loss of pixels results in less frame to crop. Why do you insist on avoiding the advice given?

Your definition of "native aspect ratio" is flawed.

Nikon, as an example that applies at least to the high end cameras, can produce both JPEG and RAW files that have multiple sizes and aspect ratios. Which is to say this is not related at all to the raw converter, but is a function of camera hardware.

For example, the D4 and the D800 can produce images that have a 3:2 aspect ratio in any of three different sizes (4928x3280, 4096x2720 and 3200x2128) , and also images with an aspect ratio of 5:4 at 4096x3280.

But you'd have to admit that 4920x3280 is bigger than 4096x3280, and hence has to be the native size.
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