Two wheels, great fun. (no more teasing)

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Two wheels, great fun. (no more teasing)

On the weekend of 22/23 of September the Portuguese round of FIM's Superbike World Championship (SBK) was held at Autódromo Internacional do Algarve.
Colorfoto, which must be the biggest physical store in Europe dedicated solely to photography (there are larger ones but they are either chains of multi-purpose electronics stores), made one of their most excellent photography training events, this time around dedicated to bike racing.
It is a small mystery that such an excellent photography outlet exists in a small and relatively poor country like ours.
Their mega-store is a 600m2 modern, beautiful space that would be a great addition to any large European city and works as the perfect physical support to a dedicated , knowledgeable team of associates that come from a decades-long  tradition in dealing with photographic equipment.
It is also most welcomed that they promote photography trainings and workshops from time to time. I've had some trouble securing places in those trainings because of my working schedule but I managed to squeeze into this one, lead by a very good Portuguese sports photographer: Paulo Maria (PM) of Interslide, a local photo agency.
Usually, I familiarize myself with the subject/theme I intend to "/take a photographic look/" at since I truly believe, as a rule, that the better one is familiarized with any given subject, the better the photographs usually come out, but I had a very busy week before this event and, since bike racing is not something I am usually into, I feared for the output.
...But with the help of PM and several co-participants who are actual fans, I managed to quickly grasp some critical features of this particular motor sport (...for instance, while used to the generous time and amount of laps in auto races I was caught by surprise by the relatively low number of laps in these hindsight, it is quite logical, given the physical effort involved...but it means one has to really pace up, if one wants to get shots from several locations along the track).
Canon Portugal CPS were also associated with the event, together with Manfrotto and Lowepro and this meant that a selection of lenses were available for the participants to try on both days.
Saturday, I grabbed a 500 f/4 IS and had a ball with it :)...It was my first time with a "long" L prime and I just loved it. Got several pointers from PM on how to use it and, at the end of day, had secured some "snapshots" that  I am really proud of.
Sunday, wanting to concentrate on the races with familiar material and not wanting to "hog" the limited lenses available, I stuck to my "meager" 100-400. It is somewhat ironic that my preferred photo from the event (the close-in shot of Max Biaggio) was made, precisely, with the "lesser" 100-400.
Here's a sample of the output from that great weekend, featuring not only of the Superbike trainings and 2 races but also of some of the other classes, like Supersport and Super1000. Tom Sykes won the first Sunday race and Eugene Laverty won the second one. This meant that Max Biaggi kept the Championship lead and, now, it is off to Magny-Cours, France, this next weekend for the final round.
I hope you enjoy these!

More watermarked photos in my gallery here, in DPR:
Full portefolio (...with many more to be added in due time...) can be seen in my PBase gallery:

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