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Re: Simple command line control

Eckhard Henkel wrote:
[summary of Eckards last 2 postings]

echo "Bb" > COM1 (DOS)
echo -n "B" >   dev/ttyXY
sleep 1
echo -n "b" >  

Unfortunately the stupid DOS command interpreter doesn't know "sleep".
And unfortunately the Unix "sleep" has a minimum of 1 second.
The serial port has to be set to the parameters
9600 bps, 8N1.
Aren't there command line possibilities (DOS/Unix)?

For DOS, I don't know if 'echo' sends any cr/lf data.
For Unix, echo -n works fine, and a small program in 'C'
implementing a 'sleep' command sleeping fractions of a
second is not a problem.
My problem is USB under Unix! So I've done a small Macro
for 'TeraTerm Pro' (Free terminal program for windows with
a build-in macro interpreter (see
which works fine for me, but an 'all in one' tool
would be a nice thing,

PS. small example macro for TeraTerm:

Shutter = 'B' ; press button
Off = 'b' ; release button

send Off ; better do this first
send Shutter ; take the picture
pause 1
send Off
pause 4 ; delay for saving image to CF-card
goto loop

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