A70/60 Sensor Discussion

Started Apr 28, 2003 | Discussions thread
OP Mike Overly Forum Member • Posts: 70
Re: A70/60 Sensor Discussion

The A70 doesn't 'crop' the sensor to achieve it's lower resolution modes, it merely downsamples the images to a lower resolution. The A60 does the same to get it's lower resolution files. This also has a net effect of reducing the apparent noise.

It would be very useful to know if the downsampled A70 image at 1600x1200 compares to the full-sized 1600x1200 out the A60.

As for Phil “sweating the details” I do not mean to imply that his reviews are mistake-free, however he does go much farther than the press release & manual when a technical issue comes up, while other reviewers seem content to speculate in lieu of contacting the manufacturer.

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