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deshawn Senior Member • Posts: 1,372
Re: connecting camera to unit?

i have a fuji s2 pro, and when i connect my camera to a t.v. and
turn on video mode, i am in realtime viewing.
with some older t.v's the quality isnt that good, but with
a sony triniton t.v., the quality is excellent.
so what i am trying to get at is, can you connect your camera
to the unit's video port, and get a live preview, without having
to take out the memory card

Geoff Turner wrote:
Not automatically. But it does have a function to rotate each
picture manually.

Dominique Provost wrote:

Geoff Turner wrote:
The unit has a video out port, (but not in port) for direct
connection to a TV which is software switchable between PAL or
NTSC. The package also includes a remote control, so you simply
plug the unit into your TV and deliver a slideshow from your


deshawn wrote:
does the unit have a video imput or output port?

Geoff Turner wrote:

Bill 964 wrote:

Smartdisk looks just like Phototainer

Are these the same????


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