SimpleTech rebate scam -- check your status

Started Apr 28, 2003 | Discussions thread
Daniel De La Rosa Junior Member • Posts: 32
What does "Within 10 Days" mean?

I was just wondering what does "Within 10 Days" mean?

Does it mean that if you purchase the card on the 1st then your rebate must be postmarked on the 10th or the 11th?

Steve Haehnichen wrote:

SimpleTech is refusing to honor my $80 rebate on a 1GB CF card
claiming it was postmarked late.

Fortunately, I made copies of everything and even bought a
"Certificate of Mailing" from the US Post Office showing the
correct postmark date. I'm curious to see what they say to this.

I really wish there was some punitive action that could put
scamming rebate companies out of business.

Check to see if SimpleTech is cheating you out
of your rebate as well. Avoid SimpleTech!

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