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Professor Murrer,

I am a dentist also, and I do take digital images in my office. Do you need to take intraoral images? I guess you might.

There are a few choices, you mentioned some.

It depends on what results you need. Do you use mirrors?

You can use the Nikon or Fuji (same camera, different CCD) digital bodies and try to see if the Medical lens will work. IF not, the Nikon 105 micro with the Nikon SB-29 s attached work perfectly with either of these bodies. The Fuji seems (general consensus on the net) to give sharper images with more detail right out of the camera, without much post-processing. IF you wish to go the Canon route, one of the new digital bodies, even the 10D, with the Canon 14-E ring flash will do well.

Any of these cameras will allow for enough manual overrides to be able to get your small apertures for depth of field, and enough light for even illumination. The 105 mm macro lens becomes 160 mm in 35 mm equivalent. Your 120 mm, if it works, becomes a 180 mm lens, so both will give you more close-up then you had before (i.e. you can shoot the same size on the screen from farther away)

Hope this helps

Rod Mürrer wrote:

I've just signed up for this list because I need some help to
choose a Digital Camera.

I am a dentistry professor and untill now I have used a Nikon F2
with a Medical Nikkor Lens

( ) to make the pictures I use to teach.

For some time I have been waiting to buy a digital camera and now I
feel is the right time (mainly because now I have the money )

For my purposes I need a camera that my Medical Lens can be used with.
I've been doing some research and as far as I could understand the
best cameras to my need are:

  • Canon EOS-1Ds

  • Fuji FinePix S2 Pro

  • Kodak DCS Pro 14n

  • Nikon D1X

So, I need some advice about what are the advantages of each and
what is the BEST choice to me.

Thanks to all that answer me!

Rod Mürrer

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Ray Lander

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