Loving my new G3, but wtf is wrong with this picture?

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Re: Interesting choice of words

It's different reason - damage eye not camera, read it carefuly.

You can damage eye if you use viewfinder only, because of image in the eye is very smaler and concentrated than in the camera. Image in teh camera is bigger so intensity is no high - it's not danger for CCD.

It's similar like in the film in standard SLR. Celuloid is more sensitive for heat and I did a lot of pictures but I have never seen damaged film.

This issue is only issue of G3 cameras!!

Larry W. wrote:

on page 4 of the manual under Warnings - the first one says:

"Do not aim the camera directly into the sun or at any other
intense light source which could cause damage to your eyesight."

No mention about camera damage!

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