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Dental photography

I'd recommend the 1DS with the 100 macro lens and perhaps ringlite, if your dental lights don't do the trick.

What are you intending doing with the photos that you need such detail?

Could I suggest you consider the Canon 10D as well; a lot cheaper, and quite sufficient detail (in my opinion) for prepress requirements you're likely to have. I mean you're not trying to produce very scary 24x18" photos of advanced dental caries for use in dental education of young kids

PS I was a dentophobe until I met my present dentist!

Best Regards

Rod Mürrer wrote:

I've just signed up for this list because I need some help to
choose a Digital Camera.

I am a dentistry professor and untill now I have used a Nikon F2
with a Medical Nikkor Lens

( ) to make the pictures I use to teach.

For some time I have been waiting to buy a digital camera and now I
feel is the right time (mainly because now I have the money )

For my purposes I need a camera that my Medical Lens can be used with.
I've been doing some research and as far as I could understand the
best cameras to my need are:

  • Canon EOS-1Ds

  • Fuji FinePix S2 Pro

  • Kodak DCS Pro 14n

  • Nikon D1X

So, I need some advice about what are the advantages of each and
what is the BEST choice to me.

Thanks to all that answer me!

Rod Mürrer

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Jon Stewart

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