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Re: Phototainer - Can it do Canon RAW?


Didn't proove timing but think you are right when coming to full
size NEF's. NC3 is often slower than that too, possibly even on an
average PC...

May I ask just how much time it does take to view a NEF or other
RAW file--say 6-7 meg size with your current set-up?

A NEF of D100 is usually about 10MB.

You made me searching my stop-watch... It takes 4-5 sec. on my desktop to open it in NC3. To be honest, I subjectivly felt a longer time period... In batch conversion it takes about 10s per frame to read process and write a frame.

I didn't measure the same with my notebook but from other comparisons I made some time ago it might be about 50% of the desktop. It is not that bad... (:

Speed was one
of the major factors in my buying decision of the PDA. I had the
Nixvue vista, and it was a joke for viewing speed.

I believe you with the vista. It was one reason why I did not choose it. It was clear by the data I read about the vista (wasn't it 30sec to open a NEF...) that the view feature would not meet my imaginations either...

Possibly pocket loupe is a genious application...

Good software truly does make the difference.

Agreed. Possibly I should keep the PocketPC solution in mind...

Yeap, Canon can do the same thing, but shooting with a laptop
attached to my camera, well. . . no thanks. I already feel like a
geek with all this stuff already.

Well, maybe some here like the idea... won't do it on the road either (-;

Regards, A. Schiele

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