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Re: Phototainer - Can it do Canon RAW?

What's a Polaroid back cost?

Too much for what it usually is (-;

LOL's--I think you're right. My point was in relative terms, a few hundred for a viewer isn't all that bad.

Didn't proove timing but think you are right when coming to full
size NEF's. NC3 is often slower than that too, possibly even on an
average PC...

May I ask just how much time it does take to view a NEF or other RAW file--say 6-7 meg size with your current set-up? Speed was one of the major factors in my buying decision of the PDA. I had the Nixvue vista, and it was a joke for viewing speed.

Possibly pocket loupe is a genious application... also I am asking
myself how much memory it needs on the PPC to expand a 6MP RAW to
anything viewable like RGB data... possibly some intelligent
partial framing conversion?

Don't know for sure. Jeff Blum, CEO of glasslantern software, in one heck of a programmer to say the least. PL can open a RAW file (1:1 ) in about 7-8 seconds--pretty amazing as it take my desktop computer 45 seconds to do the same thing. At 50% size, it's more like 3-4 seconds. When you're viewing gigs worth of data, it sure is a time saver. Full histogram is there, thumbs, EXIF data, and instant delete and rotate image is there too. Most folks have not seen Jeff's latest program (version 149B), but it has major improvements. Good software truly does make the difference.

Possibly it would be better if camera manufacturers would support
an USB port to master an external storage device...

It may happen--we just need drivers.

Well, with D100 it is true in some way even today when you shoot
using Nikon Capture... You even don't need any CF card, you can
store directly to HD... of course there is the cable and the
notebook again... (:

Yeap, Canon can do the same thing, but shooting with a laptop attached to my camera, well. . . no thanks. I already feel like a geek with all this stuff already.



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