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Re: Phototainer - Can it do Canon RAW?


What's a Polaroid back cost?

Too much for what it usually is (-;

To be honest it's lifetime is far longer than I expect to use a PDA for imaging purposes... All this MF stuff is oldfashioned longtime investment... I love MF but rarely use mine...

If you already own a latest generation Pocket PC the add ons cost
might be worth a view, but not in my personal case. I decided to
buy a JVC mini notebook which was not much more but I can use all
the usual PC software without compromising.

I think this is a good choice too, better for some, worse for
others. I doubt it could beat the PDA for viewing speed though--at
least compard to the Mac.

Didn't proove timing but think you are right when coming to full size NEF's. NC3 is often slower than that too, possibly even on an average PC...

Hmmm, so you use a Pocket PC + a portable storage device... The
pocket PC only to view NEF's...? Can not imagine this number of
gadgets are really comfortable to use in the field, with all the
adapters and cables...

I acutally don't use the full set-up in the fieid. It's much faster
to insert the CF directly into the PDA. You can view a file within
about 5 seconds this way. I do my editing at home or back at the
hotel. There is only one cable btw. I find the PDA much faster
than my desktop computer for viewing. Viewing RAW files on the Mac
is awlful! I tried ACDSEE, but it ran at a snails pace. The Canon
RAW viewer is pretty awlful too. I only shoot RAW.

Possibly pocket loupe is a genious application... also I am asking myself how much memory it needs on the PPC to expand a 6MP RAW to anything viewable like RGB data... possibly some intelligent partial framing conversion?

Can only repeat that the Nicon RAW converter is not instant in any way...

Possibly it would be better if camera manufacturers would support
an USB port to master an external storage device...

It may happen--we just need drivers.

Well, with D100 it is true in some way even today when you shoot using Nikon Capture... You even don't need any CF card, you can store directly to HD... of course there is the cable and the notebook again... (:

Regards, A. Schiele

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