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Re: Phototainer - Can it do Canon RAW?


As I understand it, it can copy any type of file including RAW, but
as yet cannot display them. Although I think I read somewhere that
they are likely to update the software to do this. There is a
useful Q&A forum on the Innoplus web site . It may
be worth asking the question there.

I doubt that any today's small portable device is able to convert and display any RAW format in acceptable time.

I even hate the 10 sec. it takes on my desktop, would like something REALLY QUICKER, i.e. less than 1 sec. at least...

My personal conclusion was to look at all these small portable devices as storage only. Maybe we will see much quicker devices in some years that make RAW practically usable on these small portable devices too.

But to be honest, I am not too optimistic here as I belive most digital images were stored as JPG and not as RAW and market is more focussed there. If markets are saturated, possibly we will see better portable devices too...

Regards, A. Schiele.

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