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Re: Phototainer - Can it do Canon RAW?

Can this unit download Canon RAW files?

Geoff Turner wrote:

After pondering for a while over which storage unit to buy, I
finally decided on the Innoplus Phototainer. The reaons I chose
this, were mainly because of its large 3.5inch screen, ease of
updating the software, and its direct connection to a TV.

The unit arrived a couple of days ago and my first impressions are
good. The Phototainer feels and looks well designed and built. The
flip up screen covers most of the controls when closed and the lion
rechargable battery is quite novel as it appears to form an
integral part of the case when fitted.

Having quickly tried out all the functions, everything seems very
easy to use, but I had one niggle in that sometimes some of the
buttons did not respond when I pressed them. Then I realised that
you need to press and release the buttons quickly - similar to a
mouse click.

The screen, although not particularly high resolution, is perfectly
adequete to view photos either individually or in slideshow mode.

I checked the Innoplus website and found that there was as software
update available. So I downloaded this and installed it. This was
very easy. The update added features like displaying text files on
the screen.

I particularly like the windows type explorer display which allows
you to view the file tree and perform various actions like select,
copy, move, delete your files.

The unit also operates as a MP3 player. Although I am unlikely to
make much use of this, I tried this out and this also works

Overall first impressions are excellent. I have a two week holiday
coming up, and a chance to really try out the unit. I'll post back
with the results.

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Don Sherman

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