Problems with raynox MSN-500

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Re: Problems with raynox MSN-500

Alex Reynolds wrote:

I also got the MSN-500 super macro lens for the 4500, but,
unfortunately, the picks all turn out blurry with lots of vignetting.
Can anyone tell me what Im doing wrong? I have it set to macro
mode with the yellow tulip and everything, but it just won't focus for
me, the view in the LCD is so blurry!

In my previous post, I mentioned that the camera should not be set to the macro mode. Otherwise, you will not get the maximum magnification. You should set the zoom to maximum, even though you are in macro mode. As for focusing, you should move your camera back-and-forth to ste an approximate and allow the camera's AF system to finish the job. Check the AF indicator to make sure it is in focus.

The following image was taken using the 4500 with maximum focal length and MSN-500:

This one was taken in macro mode with the flowwer turned yellow. As you can see, the magnification is consierably smaller:

Also keep in mind that the Raynox 5MSN 500 is not a particularly high quality close-up lens. Normally, only the center portion would be sharp (not very sharp, though) and the corners are soft to very soft. When you shoot planar subjects, this will become very obvious. However, we should not blame too much about this, because a high percentage of all these problems is due to the camera is not leveled (i.e., the image plane is not parallel to the planar subject).

Hope this helps.

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