Making or Braking the 14N

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Reichman as reviewer???

Reichman may be a good salesman and a good marketer, but as an unbiased reviewer? One would be better of letting Kodak review itself.

There has nothing about Canon that is not the best for him and nothing elso ever comes close to Canon in quality and performance. Reichamn is more Canon than Canon. Reichman, reviewer of Kodak? hell, no.

Jonathan Morse wrote:

I am afraid Phil has let the Kodak 14n question pass him by for two
1. Not timely: by now, this camera has been well reviewed,
especially by Michael Reichman, who unlike Phil, is a truly great
photographer. Its qualities and limitations, in all the various
firmware incarnations are pretty well known at this, and many pro's
have made their decision on an informed basis. Why this is so is a
bit of a mystery since Phil has had the camera since before PMA and
has close ties to Kodak.
2. The limitation of Phil's review process. This camera, and it's
competition, the Canon 1Ds and medium format film cameras, are
strictly for professionals. Phil's tests, while they served their
purpose admirably in the early days of digital photography, do not
tests the abilities of these " super cams", primarily because Phil
is not a very able professional photographer. A brief look at the
tests by Michael Reichman, http://www . or Fred
Miranda, , will illustrate what I mean.
What this all adds up to is that by the time Phil publishes, his
review will be too late to affect many purchasing decisions, and of
really no import to the very few professional photographers who are
the market for these cameras.

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