Samys camera in LA ( Reliable or not ?

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Re: Venice store


I've been in there. Kind of a strange place. There are a couple of photo related places next to or near it. Don't know if they're all related.

Ever eat at El Abajeno's on Ingelwood and Culver?

Never been treated rudely at Samy's Venice (though I'm as old as the hills), but there was one guy (gray hair, glasses and a good sized gut) who I've witnessed being pretty short with some customers. I think they moved him back to the Fairfax store.

I agree, B&H is the way to go. Samy's will match their price though. If it's something large you may actually save buying there as tax would be less than shipping.


Jonathan F. wrote:

Actually not too far from Venice, you can go to trader jim's camera
in culver city, just off sepulveda, and little ways off culver
blvd. I've bought a 2 eye pieces there, but they seem far nicer
than the Venice Samy's and there prices are about the same as any
place. Of course I'd rather order from bhphoto due to faster
shipping and no sales tax.

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