G3 has CCD leaning problem too ??

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Re: G3 has CCD leaning problem too ??

So you are syaing that the image on the LCD does not correspond to the picture once downloaded to your computer? This would seem odd because the LCD is simply showing you what the CCD is seeing.

Greg Henry wrote:

After buying a new G3 on Friday (yesterday), I went out today and
took a whole bunch of test shots at the park, around town, etc.
Coming home, I noticed that oddly enough, shots that I THOUGHT I
took of perfectly straight landscapes seemed to look as though they
were sloped, from right to left.

I went out in my yard and took some more tests of straight lines,
etc. First hand holding my camera straight in front of me, but
then placing it on a tripod with a level bubble and aiming it at
very straight objects (bricks, a deck, and fence, etc.). I took
the camera out of full wide angle too, to minimize any barrel
distortion that might occur.

Sure enough, EVERY image has a right to left slope to it. I'm
hoping my html works below because I have one image that is a
composite of 3 I took, with the first two being from the bubble
level test and the last one less scientifc (hand held) but still
being held straight aiming at straight boards.

I came on here to post this and started to read up, first. I found
a post from someone who was having this same issue with a Canon S50
he bought, and a slew of people who answered the post with the same
problem. Needless to say, this "thing" is going back to the store,
and Canon is gonna hear from me about what I guess is a pretty huge
quality control issue they have going on there.

Anyway, just wanted to let everyone know about it in case they
wanted to check theirs out, too (hoping not to cause a paranoia
panic though).


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