CP4500 has a RAW mode! (Part II)

Started Jan 25, 2003 | Discussions thread
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Too many defected pixels remaped.

If your camera reports significantly too many defect pixels than expected,
and you are affraid of picture quality degradation,
once you cool it up a numer of reported defect pixels should decrease.

My cpix995 in normal conditions always reports 512 remaped pixels
but after 5 minutes in freezer compartment of refrigerator
the number is ... 72!. Obviously all the stuck pixels are mapped
and not visible on taken pictures

Do it at own risk, in my case correction was necessary.

alxd wrote:

My results with 995 f/w 1.7 and cpixmap v0.10:

1) the Read Hot pixels always returns 16 defective pixels
2) the Read Blackpixels always returns 30 defective pixels
4) the Remap Hot pixels always claims 512 defective pixels has been
5) after remapping no hot pixels are visible on taken pictures

6) however I had as well extremely bright hot/dead(?) pixel which had
always similar level of luminance independently of shutter speed.
It is no longer visible on taken pictures but when I turn on
FOCUS CONFIRMATION feature it is always displayed on LCD
(when in viewfinder mode).

7) Remapping of black pixels - not tested yet.
8) Deleting maps - not tested yet.

Great research work! Congratulations to all involved..

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