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About D60 ICC profiles and subjectivity...

Steve Deutsch wrote:

Aside from the fact that 'the best' is subjective....what is the
best D60 ICC?

Aside from the fact that some are a tad more subjective than others:

  • for D60 linear images: IMHO, the "D60 ETC-0" profile

  • for D60 non-linear images; direct in-camera JPGs and nonlinear JPG or TIFF images converted with the Canon SDK based software, including Canons RIC and FVU, Breezebrowser and YarcPlus: IMHO, the "D60 ETC-3" profile

These two profiles have been in beta testing for many months and are now finalized. The release of both these profile was delayed some weeks, while awaiting a strategically confirmation that would have meant an other form for distribution than originally planned. These discussions have now come to an end, and the original plan will be fullfilled ASAP. Hopefully should the http://www.etcetera.cc site be opening later this week. The profiles will not be free, I prefer to call it "a handlling fee", of $25 each, or $40 if both are bought together. There are already > 2000 names on the information list at info@etcetera.cc and by sending a mail to that list stating that you want information, you will also be automagically be reminded when the site opens. The etcetera site will hopefully become an "icc profile foundry" and I have already started the profiling of 4 other cameras...

Since I personally made both these profiles my degree of "subjectivity" should not be underestimated, and hopefully others will be able to fill in about the profiles quality.

For samples and images where these and other profiles have been applied, please look at this thread:


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