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Amem to this too...............

Sums up everything:

James Russell wrote:

Keep in mind that the 14n has more programmable options than any of
it's current competitors...

This may be the problem. It seems every review pro and con is
countered with comments about image processing variables.

We all know all digital and film can be manipulated in post. The
real question is can the 14n deliver professional results, in a
professional envrionment.

I should not surprise anyone that Mr. Kebley is pro Kodak. That's
his job.

It should not surprise Mr. Kebley that people are disappointed with
the early results of this camera. Kodak promosed much and has yet
to completely deliver.

I am surprised that a camera that is being delivered is still in
the process of being updated just to make certain basic functions

I am also surpsied that I have yet to see a beautiful professional
image produced from this camera. Even the new portrait images on
Kodak's site look like the models have been dipped in chalk.
Someone at Kodak should have the ability to commission a taleted
photorapher to produce beautiful, professional images.

If you have Nikon glass and need a workable, high rez solution
there is always the Fuji S2. It is 1/2 the price of the Kodak,
produces beautiful color, reproducable jpegs,
http://www.pbase.com/image/7834918 and the same base mechanicals of
the 14N.

The S2 may not be full frame, but for a grand you can buy a 14mm
lense and cover just about anything a full frame chip will achieve.
This still puts you $1500 below the price of the 14N.

If you need full frame, the 1ds is the standard of the industry.


James Russell
Russell Rutherford

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