About wide vs. small gamuts, 8 vs. 16-bit &sRGB vs. Adobe'98

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Re: Very nice. But what does...

Thanks, but let me ask it this way.

If I set the Photoshop 'Working Spaces' RGB setting to AdobeRGB, and my monitor and printer are sRGB...what have I gained? Wouldn't a working space of sRGB do just as good, maybe better because the mapping to the monitor or printer ICC profile isn't much of a change?

Magne Nilsen wrote:

Steve Deutsch wrote:

The last piece of the puzzle for me is this:
What does it mean to use Photoshop (example) in a given workspace?

Not sure I know what your question is here, but you select your
working space from the "> Edit/Color Settings" dialog. If you select
a working space different from most of your images gamut, you must
be prepared to understand and use the functions for Assigning and
Converting images between different colorspaces. Ian Lyons has
many great tutorials i.e. here:

Why should I care what colorspace I work in? Yes I want a good
mapping from my 'internal numbers' when I generate the displayable
output to an sRGB or other colorspace device...but I don't see how
the colorspace of my output devices means anything to Photoshop
until I generate displayable results.
What's up with this?

If your working colorspace is very different from your output
devices some conversion will occur. Many of those conversion will
mean that colors in your images will perceptually change. Sometimes
a lot. Unless you have a VERY good profile for that output device,
and know exactely how to do and understand softproofing, what you
see on your screen can be very far from what you will see coming
out of your output device. Generally not a good thing. And - if
your working space is far from sRGB you must always convert images
to sRGB when sending them out to the mostly non-color-managed world
outside of Photoshop...
I hope this was relevant to your question...


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