Very techincal discussion by professional about 10D flaws.See sample +shot info

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Re: Very techincal discussion by professional about 10D flaws.See sample +shot info

Hi Ken,

I think you better post some scans of your film stuff, otherwise this bashing will continue.

Pros just don't use cameras that they got the same day. Especially Digital.

Ken Aro wrote:

Hi everyone,

I am a professional photographer and I just got my 10D. The day I
got it I photographed a wedding and it was a nightmare. The
pictures turned out terribly and I think that I will have to pay
back money to the client. (I know I shoud have practiced first). I
feel that (my) 10D is seriously flawed. I was shooting with a EOS3
with Kodak Portra film so far and never had any problems. Please
look at the samples + shooting info + focusing points at

(please remove the space between the first and second "w". junkmail

I will discuss the pictures from top left to bottom right. Any
insight in what may have happened are very much appreciated.

Picture 1:
The data says - 1 1/2 stops exposure compensation but the available
light still blurs the photo. Should not happen with 1 1/2 under.
Further, - 1/2 flash compensation, yet the picture is overexposed

Picture 2:
No exposure compensation yet the picture is about 3 stops
overexposed. Sure, the focusing point is on the tuxedo but surely
the camera measured many other areas to compute exposure. This
would not happen with the EOS3 even in spot metering mode.

Picture 3 and 4:
There is at least a stop difference between the two photos although
only very slight reframing was happening. It almost looks like only
the red focusing point was metering and nothing else but that is
impossible. The 10D does not have spot metering and the focusing
point area is smaller than any spot metering area would be.

Picture 5:
The flash exposure compensation is set to - 1 1/2 exposures yet the
picture is slightly overexposed (dress). Shot with a 550EX unit

Picture 6:
Epoure compensation - 1 1/2 yet the ambient light is normal or
overexposed. With the bright spot in the background ambient light
shoud even be darker.

What is going on? Is the camera seriously flawed or did I overlook
something? Thank you for your insights


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