About wide vs. small gamuts, 8 vs. 16-bit &sRGB vs. Adobe'98

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Photoshop 16-bit...

Mishkin wrote:

Photoshop's 16-bit SUCKS!!! You can't have layers, you can do
almost nothing but some color adjustments.... Ugh!!!

It obviously takes Adobe a lot of time to enable 16-bit for a wider set of the functions, but at least some of my favorites are in place. For full image editing Curves and Levels are fully there, and I tend to do > 2/3 of my work in Curves. Segmented editing seems worse unless you can live with Marquees and Lassos to make selections. I tend to make a 8-bit copy of my 16-bit image, create and then Save my selections there, and then from the 16-bit image use "Load Selection" from the 8-bit image. Works fine for me. As for the filters, well there is Gaussian Blur, Median and Unsharp Mask. Hmmm, that is about the only filters I use for image correction and editing, so I don't really care. If you must have the rest of the filters, you have to switch into 8-bit - yes, but I find that most of them are more on the artistic side, and seldom use them. What I really miss is cut & paste, layers and transform...


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