Very techincal discussion by professional about 10D flaws.See sample +shot info

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way I figure...

Most true pro's don't have to announce that they're a pro; it is quickly apparent in their demeanor and their photographs.

It's only those who aren't a true pro that have to announce that they are.

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Paul Greenleaf wrote:
to convince me that a professional, was someone that got paid for
their work. I get paid, and am not close to a professional.

If this doesn't blow their theroy, I don't know what will!!!

Ken Phillips wrote:
... in the accepted usage of one who is paid for competent work.

Dave Kunze wrote:

Ger Bee wrote:

................... I know professionals can be morons, and don't
know their gear, I've said that many time on the Nikon forum but
they don’t believe me.

But this shows so many “pre-newbie” mistakes that it does not
deserve answering at all. And for a professional to take an
untested machine to do a wedding --------- well he should be
stripped of his license to operate and have his name posted in the
cowboys listings.

Any DSLR beats unexposed film.

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