About wide vs. small gamuts, 8 vs. 16-bit &sRGB vs. Adobe'98

Started Apr 3, 2003 | Discussions thread
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I've tried to tell people this from time to time

Magne Nilsen wrote:

Ah well, 16-bit is “better” than 8-bit then, but wide gamut is not
“better” than small gamut, although the words wide and small for
many would indicate so. It really depends. On the destination
target, on the software available, on your skills and knowledge, on
your input device/monitor/output devices level of quality,
calibration and exactness, and on a few physical truths like
bandwidth, memory, processor and hard disk size and quality. In
many cases it is actually an advantage to be working in a
“not-so-wide” gamut like sRGB. You get more subtle transitions at
the cost of some “neons”, and you will be much less surprised or
disappointed when transferring your images to the web, the printer,
the lab, the clients or your friends.

...especially those that say Adobe RGB will automatically get them "smoother colors." Good to hear some info from someone who is up on this stuff.


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