Very techincal discussion by professional about 10D flaws.See sample +shot info

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Re: I did not post this to be scolded

OK I'm going to tear you apart point by point here ....

Ken Aro wrote:

Hey everyone,

I posted this post not to receive sympathy or to be scolded nor am
I interested in other's thoughts about my qualifications as a

Just as well your not interested because it ain't looking good for you ...

Also, there was a considerable number of good shots that the client

given your lack of understanding of the basics I'd say that they were lucky

Also I did not want 1/200 shutter speed. I want the

ambient light exactly to be 1 1/2 stop underexposed. That way I get
available light but 1 1/2 stops under makes no or very slight blurs
(at least with film).

This is totaly absolute rubbish ....only thing that stops camera shake (slight blurs? is faster shutter speed ..underexposure will only hide them until you push it back up...

Furthermore, I did not set any settings wrong

at the camera or flash. The long shutter speeds are exactly that I
want to catch ambient light. Once again, 1 1/2 stops under does not
(or hardly) make any blurs with film cameras. It seems that either
the camera is malfunctioning or that it operates very differently
than a EOS 3 with film.

Rubbish the blurs are there with film as well ...but blured black looks like unblured black ...god knows what your thinking.

Once again, this is a TECHINCAL discussion.

Ok Mr Technical ...maybe you might want to know the TECHNICAL reason why your shots are blured (too slow shutter speed) and not 1.5 under?
Well ....its called ETTL and it works on a 10D exactly the same as on a EOS 3

The flash meters the ACTIVE focusing point at the time of shutter release ..look at your active focusing points and it might give you a hint ...



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