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OP George Richardson Contributing Member • Posts: 747
Re: ERI Software vs. Photoshop??

Peter K Burian wrote:

Yeah, it would be great if Photoshop supported ERI JPEG files but
it does not do so ... right now, anyway.

This is a unique format. The ability to adjust color and exposure
-- before processing the image and saving as TIFF -- is a bonus.

If you prefer to simply open the files as a conventional JPEG (with
Photoshop) and manipulate them as you would any JPEG, then don't
use the Kodak plug in software.

Peter Burian

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The problem is that what little ERI does,it does very very well,its just a pity that it doesnt do a little bit more-like burn upsize sharpen,just to mention a few.

Once the image goes into photoshop proper-things are never the same-as (from what ive read) photoshop doesnt do the image any favours.



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