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Re: S400 DOA

herosi wrote:
Sorry meant to say I'm try a S50 next.

herosi wrote:

I purchased a S400 form Dell like many other on this forum. The
camera arrived last night. I charged the battery but when I put the
camera in shoot mode the lens partially extended beep several time
displayed the famous E18 message (shutter stuck) and the camera
power off. I recharged the battery again for several hours and the
camera did the same thing.

I did notice when I opened the box the battery was not in its
little plastic bag and the plastic battery shield was off.

I sent the camera back to Dell with a nice little note thanking
them for the 3 week wait and the privilege of paying shipping
charges to ship the camera back to them.

I'm going to try for the C50 instead and yes I'll try Dell again
if they have the best price.

Thanks for listen to my gripe.

It sucks when it happens to you; but, buying for better price online is betting agianst a return if you have to pay return shipping with that company. That's all there is to it. Somtimes you wins and sometimes you loses.

Can't blame dell for this as they do not open and test merchandise from other companies.

Try to buck up. Look at it this way... if that is the worst thing that happens to you this month then it's a pretty good month.

Now.. that better not happen to mine,

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