Sony DSC-S30 Memory Stick Error C:13:01 Help!!!

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Re: Sony DSC-S30 Memory Stick Error C:13:01 Help!!!

I have tried what you told me and still it didn't work. I have my manual and went throught that already.

I don't know what is wrong with it.


Stewart Marston wrote:
Have you tried resetting the camera. There may be a button inside
the memory stick / battery area to push, I'm sure it will be small.

Try cleaning the metal contacts with isopropyl alcohol and a q-tip
and let the dry or dry them with a q-tip. In the camera and on the
m-stick. .
According to page 62 of your manual, it needs formatting; are you
sure the write protection tab (erasure prevention switch) is not
on? See page 15 of your manual.

Donnacap wrote:

I got a Sony Digital Still Camera DSC-S30 I haven't had it more
than a year and then one day I turn it on and all of a sudden the
Memory Stick Error flashes and the code C:13:01. Tried to format
stick won't let me. Got another Memory stick and it stills
flashes. I have tried to call Sony but they want 186.00 just to
send it. No way will I ever buy Sony again. Can someone help me
or do I need to throw this thing out!!!!???


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