How to remove purple fringing / color bleeding ?

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Re: How to remove purple fringing / color bleeding ?

Jerry Allen wrote:

I have had mixed results with going to saturation, use the eyedropper
and get the color of the fringe, desaturate it to "grey"... not a fix
all but it can make a useless photo workable.

And just in case that's a little vague, I'll elaborate.
First, you can not do this in Paint Shop Pro, only Photoshop.
Go to Image - Adjust - Hue/Saturation tool
and then switch it from the Master channel to Reds, and then
use the eye dropper to select a color within the fringe, and
then desaturate.

I take it a couple steps further. I narrow the ramps quite a bit
and the range of affected colors between the two linear
color wheels at the bottom of the Hue/Saturation tool, and then use the
Eyedropper + tool (or hold down shift key) and select
several areas of fringing. Each time the range grows a little to cover
the new hue. The idea is to cover only the slight variation
in fringe colors without affecting ANY other colors in the image.

Then in addition to desaturation, I often darken the fringing a little
as pure grey may be a little too light.

There's also another approach, depending on the characteristics of your
camera. Peter iNova found that the fringing in the cp990 was mostly
in the red channel, and because it radiates from the center, he'll take
the full sized image, go to the channel pallete, select the red channel
and shrink only it to 99.8 or 99.9% of the original. To do that you
choose the red channel, then select all (ctrl-A) then go to
Edit - Transform - Numeric
and set the scale to 99.8%.

This won't necessarily eliminate the fringing, but it may split it
in half, in such a way that it appears cancelled out at 1X.


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