How many MP's are enough?

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Re: What my 2mp Uzi has taught me...

I think if you're looking for a small camera to do something like what you want, I would take a good look at the C50. I love the Stylus 300 and looking forward to Stylus 400 due out in April.

Murray Scott wrote:

Bob S wrote:

Bill Finnell wrote:
Wow! So many different opinions about megapixels. Like everyone
else, I want the most that I can get, but is there a limit? New
technology will most likely stretch the imagination to new MP

I agree with you on this...

Although I have a 4mp E-10 I love shooting with my 2mp Uzi...

The Uzi has taught me to frame my image carefully and look at the
composition in the viewfinder as a framed photo on the my
horizon level?...Are the edges of the frame clean so I won't have
to unnessesarily crop to get rid of distractions?...

Hi Bob,

I am looking at the Olympus 300 and appreciate your thoughts on the
need for more mp's.

Do you have any suggestions on a compact camera that is also
capable of taking reasonable action shots? Do you thing the 300
would is OK for amateur action shots?



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