Pm 4 tower or imac 17"

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Re: Pm 4 tower or imac 17

Doug D. wrote:

Does anyone know if there is a big difference between the 17" imac
screen and the 17" studio display? Is there a big difference in



I think there IS a significant difference.

I have the 17" iMac, and although I'm generally very pleased with it, IMO it is NOT suitable for serious editing in, say, Photoshop, unless you are really familiar with working directly with the RGB or CMYK values in the info palette.

This is because the visible brightness of the screen varies depending on the position of your eyes vertically relative to the center of the screen. Move your head upwards, the screen gets ligher, downwards it gets darker. I don't think this happens with the 17" Studio Display (presumably it uses a superior LCD technology).

I suggest you check this out at your local dealer before you make a decision.



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