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Started Mar 5, 2003 | Discussions thread
Richard Goulden Senior Member • Posts: 2,385
Re: Don't forget Eudora

The only reason I was ahving to boot back into 9 was for email and I finally bit the bullet and bought Office X. Glad I did.

My whole life is now run form Entourage. Email, Calendars, To do lists etc etc and I never have to boot into OS9 at all now.

One crash in 9 weeks and that was my fault....


Frank Ross wrote:
I use Eudora and have for years, It's still free if you can live
with a little ad in the corner of your screen, and the great thing
is it will read, send and recieve from the same mailboxes whether
you're booted in OS 9 or 10. It's lousy with HTML display, but
those emails are mostly ads anyway, right? If it's not pretty
enough, download silk from unsanity.com, and that will help a bit.

SASand wrote:

Before doing a clean install of the OS, try repairing permissions,
as has been suggested in this thread already. After installing new
software, I often find that mail is asking for passwords, and
otherwise not working as it should. Repairing permissions, and then
restarting is generally all that I've needed to do to get things
working again.

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