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Hi Im 15 and Ive been posting around this forum for a little while now! Ive researched everything I want to do and all my research and my gut, along with love of photography tell me I want to be a Photojournalist. Unfortunately Opportunities are not as bountiful as they are in other places but I cannot complain. Im planning on buying the Canon EOS 10D and hopefully a 50 1.4 lens and If I earn enough money this summer a 70-200 of some kinda either 2.8 (Canon IS or Non IS, Maybe Sigma (Ill probaly kick myself for doing that one). Oh I will probaly not raise the money but Im hopeing. I have around half of what I want saved, and am currently shooting with the cameras I have had since I was in 6th grade. My Canon Rebel 2000 with 28-80 3.5-5.6 II and a few years later the battery pack for it along with the 100-300 4.5-5.6 USM, and my Old trusty Canon FTb with FL 28 3.5 and FL 55 1.2. I also have a Canon 550 EX Flash. I love these cameras to death and both have served me well but It is time to up grade from the 1 fps. I at frist was thinking of staying with traditional Film and going for the EOS 3 which is a superb camera. But Digital drew me in immidiately. Just after playing with the D60 which I happened to be very lucky to find that a store had in stock) And Have decided to buy the 10D. Oh but to the point, I tend to ramble, probaly not a good thing, just some background Info.

Well I want to go into photojournalism and was thinking because it is such a competitive feild that maybe I should try and get a head start on things. I do not have the money to buy a digital SLR like the 1D or 1Ds but I would like something that would possibly get me to college and serve as a nice back up for a nicer model when in college if I even get a nicer model. Money is an Object beings I am only 15 and only able to scrounge up a few odds and ends jobs. Hopefully I am going to Stock Shelves at a small town grocery store. And I will have to detasel this summer. Oh what a pain but I want a digital very badly. However Starting early may not be possible at least with certain things because I play sports almost year round. I have Cross Country in the Fall, Basketball in the Winter, and Track in the Spring. I was thinking of giving up sports because I know I have the ability to go to a college for track or Cross Country but its just not what I really want to do, however I love doing all of these sports. Ive talked with my family about it and most of them say,"most people dont start into their career until they are seniors in highschool", I concidered that and said yeah I might as well live these next 4 years to the fullest and focus the rest of my time into streight A's and Photography. I love to shoot everything and am on the yearbook as a freshmen which is an accomplishment in itself, beings my school supposedly only allowes Sophomores and up on Yearbook. Sooner or later I will get around to getting a scanner and posting some of my work on this site. I was wondering what do you think I should do "Drop sports to get an edge on upcomeing photojournalists ( I will still have to compete with the "old pro's" no offence to any of them, I have extreem Respect for all of them.) Or should I keep on playing sports through highschool and not regret not playing? I am a halfway intern at a local newspaper and have a few of my pictures published, its one of thoes local "Sick and Weaklys" but I rivel the "pros" in my area lol, they are not amazeing but I learn skills from them. However it seems like More and More I dont feel like Im getting any respect its more like a kid with the camera no matter what I do, I am somewhat mature (for a 15 year old) and Try to carry on with the other photographers, but It now seems like everyone calls me the kid with the camera even when I do better work then them, blah blah blah, Im just gripeing. Ok here are the questions.

1.) Should I take the head start on my career and take as many opportunities I have even though it may interfer with my social life and athletic life.

2.) Should I concider Photojournalisim at all? Or should I concider Freelance or Sports Photography? (along with others)

2.) Part 2.) If I do decide to do freelance work, do they have groups of Freelancers that work togeather? Or anything of that sort or is that the Associated Press that does something like that, who does not have a newspaper they work for or Magazine they work for but just take pictures and sell to the highest bidder? Is that a good way to make a living over working for a paper/Mag. or Freelance.

3.) If I do go into this feild and seriously into this feild to make some decent money. Would there be any room for family life? Or any life at all?

4.) How much money does a Photojournalist make comeing into the feild out of college? How much after they have made a name for themselves?

5.) What does it take to make a name for your self?

6.) A good photojournalisim College? Go for Double Major Photography/ Journalisim or English? Large reputible Journalisim College or Visual Arts College?

7.) Digital Deffinently! What system do most use? What lenses? (16-35 2.8L)(24-70 2.8L)(70-200 2.8L IS)(300 2.8L IS)(400 2.8L IS)? What System (Canon 1D) (1Ds)

8.) Should I wait and just let the paper/mag. supply me with the equipment or buy some on my own, Obviously Some on my own but Should I go Blow 10000 bucks on equipment when most decent sized newspapers supply it for me?

9.) What are the chances of makeing it in Photography feild? Good Bad How about sucessful? (Scale: Percentages or on a scale of 1-20)

Ill add more If I can think of it, Sorry for rambeling on for so long! Thank you very much for your time!

Morgan, just a kid thats addicted to Photography, Hopefully you will see me in the Papers some day!

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