10D, anybody going to miss a spotmeter?

Started Mar 8, 2003 | Discussions thread
David Martin Forum Pro • Posts: 17,056
Re: D30/60 users used a handheld spot meter?

Stephen Waits wrote:

Anyone using a standalone handheld meter? If so, can you recommend
one to a future 10D owner? Coming from the Sony 707 I feel like
the only thing I'm going to miss is my spot meter. With spot meter
I manually expose very accurately probably about 95% of the time

I looked into these awhile ago but was a bit overwhelmed and
confused and had a little bit of sticker shock too!

Thanks for any advice!

I'm looking at a similar move, from a D7.

I wouldn't worry about it for the time being. The systems on the 10D should be fine. Buy something additional if you find you hit problems.
Most users of the D30/60 seem to manage fine.
Find out if you have a problem before you solve it.

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