10D, anybody going to miss a spotmeter?

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Re: Everyone is overlooking the obvious

Ari Flinkman wrote:

Well, yeah, but you have something better already built into your

There are plenty of situations where histogram display won't help
you the least bit. Mostly, in situations where the leaving the
background black or burning it completely is ok, as long as the
main subject is exposed correctly.

Just take a proof shot and there you are. Study the histogram and
place the exposures where you want them.

Too slow? Well sorry, but if that is too slow, you sure don't want
to bother with a spot meter. Doing your exposure calculations with
a spot meter is REALLY slow.

Try shooting a concert in a club environment, and every requirement
in addition to composing and exposing at the right moment is an
unneccessary burden between you and a decent picture. Especially
when lighting can change once a second.

Sorry, but you are not going to convince me a spot meter is the salvation of any situation where lighting is changing once a second. This makes no sense.

In low light or rapidly changing light, once you establish your baseline exposure, any pro shooter I know would make any "once a second" changes based on their experience (IOW a damn good guess) and maybe auto bracketing if available and applicable.

There is not time to calculate exposure once a second. With any meter, spot or not.

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