ofoto cancelled my order

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Re: ofoto cancelled my order

One reason I do my own printing at home. Saves me the hassle of dealing with being questioned about copy right issues. The other reason is I am a bit of a control freak when it comes to my work... LOL

James Babb wrote:
How will this policy reduce copyright violations? A violator only
needs to sign the form and proceed. When I agreed to the terms of
service at ofoto, I already gave my word that I would not be
violating the law. As I see it, they called me a liar to my face. I
don't enjoy having my integrity questioned, especially by a company
I've done business with for years. Its their company, they can do
what they want. I just won't support them.

Oh, my shots aren't any better than anyone else's here, probably
worse, so look out.

Doug_1200c wrote:

I think it is a good thing that businesses are taking measure to
prevent copywritve violations.... They will work through some bumps
in the road and we all may be caught in the middle sometimes, but
in the long run, we should all benifit...

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