10D, anybody going to miss a spotmeter?

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Re: Everyone is overlooking the obvious

JimS wrote:

The 10D seems to be the camera I've been waiting for, the only
thing missing is the lack of spotmeter. I must admit I dont use it
a lot, but when I do, I like the fact that I can get a reading on a
specific point.

I wonder why Canon ommited this feature which is standard in just
about every other SLR and DSLR.

Is anybody else concerned about the lack of a spotmeter?

A spotmeter just gives you the ability to place any given portion of your picture in the 18% gray area astride zones IV and V in St. Ansel's zone system. You can also calculate the differences in illumination and compress or extend the range between these values with exposure or developing... which makes spot meters great, right?

Well, yeah, but you have something better already built into your camera.

Learn (REALLY learn) the correct way to interpret a histogram and you will find you have just as much control (or more) over your exposures as you did doing all the zone calculations in your head.

Just take a proof shot and there you are. Study the histogram and place the exposures where you want them.

Too slow? Well sorry, but if that is too slow, you sure don't want to bother with a spot meter. Doing your exposure calculations with a spot meter is REALLY slow.

The histogram is your friend.

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