10D, anybody going to miss a spotmeter?

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Re: 10D, anybody going to miss a spotmeter?

I think it is nice to have a spotmeter. However the 10D only has the partial area metering (about 9% compared to the 1-2% area of a spotmeter).

A work-around is to use zoom lenses. When shooting at the wide angle range of the zoom, zoom to the tele-angle, take a reading, lock the exposure, then zoom back to wide angle.

Another work-around is to bracket your exposures. It's cheap - costs nothing compared to film cameras. You can then optionally blend the photos to get a very wide dynamic range, using Photoshop, which you cannot get with one exposure, even if you have a spotmeter. You can also bring out detail in the underexposed areas in Photoshop - since there is a relatively large exposure latitude in underexposed areas in digital photos.

With the power of digital photography, and the ability to bracket exposures cheaply, a spotmeter is missed but not fully needed.

JimS wrote:

The 10D seems to be the camera I've been waiting for, the only
thing missing is the lack of spotmeter. I must admit I dont use it
a lot, but when I do, I like the fact that I can get a reading on a
specific point.

I wonder why Canon ommited this feature which is standard in just
about every other SLR and DSLR.

Is anybody else concerned about the lack of a spotmeter?

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