10D, anybody going to miss a spotmeter?

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Re: I'm a little confused...

JimS wrote:

Maybe it's me thats confused. LOL

I think it was more me.. I've been doing some research..

I was under the impression that spot metering was about 2% or less
of the frame. If there is a certain portion of a scene that I want
to be sure is exposed correctly, I would spot meter on that and use
those readings to set my camera.

Your right about the 2% the 1Ds can do spot metering at 2.4% of the frame and also partial metering at 9%

Maybe the 9% is just a larger spot. LOL

I think that sums it up nicely. I think my Pro90 uses a spot metering mode of about 10-15% I've found it to be quite effective even at that size.

So I think in sumamry it has got partial metering just not as small a spot as you can get.

Thanks for your help

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