Kodak LS420 fails to store pictures - anyone out there use the LS420?

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Kodak LS420 fails to store pictures - anyone out there use the LS420?

Kodak LS420 fails to store pictures - anyone out there use the LS420?

Something very odd happened to my Kodak LS420 or its card yesterday. The 100 pictures I took Wednesday evening failed to show up when I put the card in the Dazzle reader into my Mac Cube. Yet the pictures I took on Tuesday showed up fine.

Anyone out there using an LS420? I have used mine for six months several times a week and taken up to 70 images a night with no problem till now. Has your LS420 ever lost images?

Seems impossible that it should lose images one night and yet leave the images from the previous night on the card with no problem.

I posted on the Card forum at DPresources and was kindly advised to use Photorescue on the card, but though this worked fine, so it seemed, the mystery only deepened. It found plenty of photos, but none of them were the recent ones, not Wednesday's and not even the ones from Tuesday that my Apple Cube can see and use fine. They were all from earlier days, photos which should have been erased with the reformatting. I always reformat the card when setting out. I just didn't do it on Wednesday.

All very mysterious but I am wondering if there is this kind of unreliability in Kodak KS420s or digital cameras in general, that the photo storage may fail in the camera. Presumably the card is OK if it still stores the earlier Tuesday photos fine.

I haven't reformatted because I still hope to find the missing ones.

How could it happen? I lost the photos after shooting about 80 on Wednesday using the LS420 for six months without problems, shooting as many as 100 a day several times a week. Suddenly on Thursday I find the card doesn't have the photos, which I know are VERY GOOD. Just the 20 photos from the night before, Tuesday.

The whole thing is a baffling mystery. I dont even know why it should have lost any pics in the first place. I can only think that maybe it was that I didn't fully insert the card before I downloaded, but it connected anyway. Yet only a portion of the images stored showed up.

Anyone out there lost pics on a card? Mine is a Sandisk 128MB. As I say I went to the card forum at dcresources and it turns out that Photorescue seems like the answer for rescuing images from cards using a MacOSX machine. They have a Mac OSX version.

I ran the trial version. However, as I say it didn't find the missing pics in my case. Oddly the Photorescue turned up a bunch of old photos on the card which have survived reformatting more than once, and yet it does not show the photos I took on Tuesday, which the Cube can easily see and use!! It doesn't find my Wednesday photos at all, either.

Here is what happened specifically. I can't fathom how it could possibly be.

I downloaded the Mac version of Photorescue, and ran it on a 128 MB Sandisk HD card from a Kodak LS420 camera. The card is inserted in a Dazzle Reader into a Mac Cube with OSX Jaguar. I ran Photorescue with FAT and directories ignored and at the 512 Byes cluster size.

On the card I know there are 20 good photos, which can be seen and removed by the OSX. These are the 20 photos I took on Tuesday. What the Mac cannot see are the 100 or so photos I took on Wednesday, in two sessions, without reformatting the card after Tuesday or changing anything on the camera.

Now Photorescue Trial shows 130 photos. Some are not displaying in thumbnail. Success!!- not. None of them are the ones I took from Wednesday! None of them are the ones from Tuesday either!!!! They are all photos I took before Tuesday, and since taking them the card has been reformatted more than once!

Baffling. How could the sessions from Wednesday be completely missing? How could the ones from Tuesday be missing, when they are clearly seen by OSX on the Cube? How can the earlier ones have survived camera formatting? Well, the last answer at least is obvious. Reformatting must be simply replacing the directory, not a full erase.

Is there anything else I can do? Very disappointing that Photorescue has not found my Wesdnesday photos and impossible to explain how it cannot see the Tuesday ones, which the Cube can see normally.

And how could the camera fail to store images on Wednesday when nothing has changed since Tuesday? How could Photorescue software find old photos before Tuesday without showing the ones from Tuesday - which the computer finds easily?

I can't work it out.

I have no other SD card for the Kodak camera so I am not confusing cards. It is one and the same card.

Any comment welcome since I am trying not to buy a new SD card to save using this one till I find out the limits of what I can do. Doesn't look good though. I asked Photorescue support but they are already in their weekend in Belgium.

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