Zoom in when grabbing Manual Focus?

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Re: Zoom in when grabbing Manual Focus?

The Exx's have a varifocal zoom lens. That means as you zoom, in or out, the focus will change. The camera attempts to correct the focus (keep it constant) after any change to the focal length. That is why you can hear the fly by wire focus working after changing the focal length, even in manual focus. If you trust your camera does a good job of adjusting the focus when you change the focal length, then you can still use your normal zoom-in procedure for focussing. Just remember that its not the same as many true zoom lenses that keep the focus constant throughout the zoom range.


Jonathan Nook wrote:

In television, using a Betacam with a zoom lens, (and most SLR’s)
you always push in, grab your focus, and then zoom back out to the
point where your shot is framed correctly. Obviously, this gives
you the best manual focus, as the DOF is so much more critical when
pushed all the way in.

Here's the question; Because the EXX is focus by wire, and you can
hear the focus stepper motor shift the focus when zooming in or
out, is the above philosophy still recommended?

In other words, is the adjustment that the E-10 makes to the manual
focus, while you zoom out, accurate?

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