Portable Storage for D60 raw?

Started Feb 18, 2003 | Discussions thread
Lee Hammond Regular Member • Posts: 167
Re: Go to EBay and get a used thinkpad

I agree, a ThinkPad should be a good use for portable storage. I use an IBM TransNote [with a CF slot] for home/studio shooting. I think people want something more compact and portable for location shooting. Many of these new portable devices use the IBM Travelstar hard drives, as used in recent ThinkPads. That said, I am sure IBM has more experience than many of these device manufacturers, in mounting hard drives for the shocks of daily life. My main concern is reliability, of course.


Glenn Barber wrote:

There are some very cheap used thinkpads -like the smaller X models
for very low dollars on EBay. Where else can you get such great
storage, fast transfers, and view the whole image.

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